Cilj nam je opravdati povjerenje i zadržati zadovoljstvo naših kupaca pa neprestano radimo na proširenju prodajnog asortimana i poboljšanju brzine i kvalitete isporuke robe do vrata naših kupaca.
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MANATEKS was founded  in 1991. as a representative firm specializing in supplying the textile and footwear industry with a wide range of products from machinery and spare parts to accessories and technical aids.

Adapting to the market, over time, the business expanded, so the company now, besides representing reputable suppliers, has its own sales and consignment (customs) warehouse, as well as its own transport in order to offer better and faster service to customers inside and outside of Croatia. In 2015 we have expanded our business to the market in Bosnia and Hercegovina by opening a branch office in Banja Luka.

Our goal is to justify the trust and maintain customer satisfaction while we constantly work on expanding the sales range and improve speed and quality of delivery of goods to our customers door.

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